Columbus! Something New 4.12.15

Program 4.12.15: Hop Yard 62, OH! Burgers, The Moonlight Market on Gay Street, Juli Carvi visits Chef Butcher’s Creole Kitchen, and more!


Friday: Our weekend started earlier than most. Typically, Fridays are quiet for me and work nights for Burke. This Friday was very different. After work, Burke met me at Hop Yard 62, located in Grove City. Denise, a friend of mine, suggested we give Hop Yard 62 a try and we decided to go on the night Actual Brewing took over the tap! You remember we visited Actual Brewing on the 3.29.15 program? Needless to say, Burke and I were happy to have Actual Brewing craft beer and see Jonathan from Actual Brewing!

Burke and I were joined by two friends of ours, and we had a terrific evening. Greg and Tammy, who own Hop Yard 62, are very warm and welcoming and spent time sharing with us the story of Hop Yard 62! Greg is also a member of the Columbus Idea Foundry (program 3.22.15) and numerous parts of the bar and taps were created at the Columbus Idea Foundry! I mentioned on the podcast to stop by Gantz Park then drive down to Hop Yard 62. That would make a nice Saturday. And I believe Hop Yard 62 has live music on Saturdays.

We were hungry and there was a food truck in the yard. OH! Burgers food truck was there serving up some of the most delicious burgers I have had. They were the kind of burgers your mind remembers the next day, then the next, and you hope you will see them again really soon. Little did we know...

Saturday: Out and about during lunch time and where do we end up? Sometimes, I think my car goes into auto pilot and takes us directly to Greek Street Tavern. We always order gyros, Burke gets regular and I get hummus. This time, I ordered falafel and I am glad I did. It was really tasty and I will get it again next time! The service is always friendly, music is great (80's hello!), and, well, I just love the food!

Later Saturday, we drove to downtown Columbus for The Moonlight Market on Gay Street. I easily found a meter on Long Street (hello Long Street Collective!) and we walked a block to Gay Street. Here, every second Saturday evening from April to October, you can visit with local vendors who have set up their goods along the sidewalk, and brick and mortar restaurants. Burke and I are always happy to see a familiar, smiling face and to meet new vendors. The evening was so beautiful, Burke took a great photo of the top of a building and the blue sky. Perfect.

Burke remembered the mystery of the Franklinton boulder. Well, it was a mystery to us anyway! We drove west on Broad Street and, located on Dakota Avenue and State Street, found the boulder which commemorates the council of General William Henry Harrison and five tribes held close to the location of the boulder. According to the boulder, permanent peace came from this council. Before taking the bus tour with the Columbus Landmarks Foundation, I did not know this piece of history occurred in Franklinton! And, guess who we saw while driving through Franklinton? OH! Burgers food truck!

Joining us on this episode is our friend, Juli Carvi. She is working on her own Columbus project, the Columbus Restaurant Road Rally-Food Drive, and shared with us her visit to Chef Butcher's Creole Kitchen. Located on Mount Vernon Avenue just east of downtown, Chef Butcher prepares Po Boys and a variety of Creole entrees! Listening to Juli, it sounds like everything is delicious!

Coming up, Tuesday April 14, is local comedian Sumukh Torgalkar's album recording at The Funny Bone! I hope to go, and if you find yourself looking for a Tuesday activity, join us at the Funny Bone and support Local Comedy!