Columbus! Something New 2.28.16

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C!SN 2.28.16: Cathy Uhrick of Ducks in a Row Organizers,  Actual Brewing Company’s Amateur Immature Adult Science Fair. Plan ahead for the Arnold Sports Festival, the Anthony-Thomas Chocolates Easter Open House, and Captain Kidd performs at Skully’s Music Diner.


Burke and I are happy to connect you to Cathy Uhrick of Ducks in a Row Organizers. Cathy and I worked together, and have stayed connected via Linkedin (Hey, look me up!). Reading over Linkedin updates, I read about Cathy's business, Ducks in a Row Organizers! Cathy sat with us and we learned more about her business, what she can do to help a client, the psychology behind an organizer, and how she needs to be mindful of the uniqueness of each client! Taking a look at some of our problem areas, Cathy quickly noted the landing leading to the basement was a hazard. This should be news to no one who has been listening, as this is the same spot Burke cut his head and needed stitches a few weeks ago!

Looking around with Cathy, we found an old grain bin in the basement which would be perfect to store all the shoe shelf unfortunately got loaded down with! Sunday morning, Burke and I got to work! Being a morning person, once I got started cleaning and moving things, I did not want to stop! You can see the before and after photos above, however I cannot say it is a totally completed project as we still need to get a different type of gate to keep Nigel out of the basement and a better looking (and safer) method of blocking his entry via between the poles. But, it feels so much better, looks so much better, and the areas impacted by this one small change (the basement and my closet) feel refreshed!

Returning to Saturday evening, Burke and I stopped by Actual Brewing Company for the Amateur Immature Adult Science Fair! Any chance to see the friendly faces at Actual, and to have a drink of Fat Julian, I will take! And there are big changes, growing changes! Actual has expanded like crazy within the building, and their taproom has too! Stop by the taproom, get a drink, check out what food truck is there, or if you are out and about, ask if Actual Brewing Company beer is on tap (or in a can)!

Looking ahead, Burke and I plan to attend the Arnold Sports Festival which is March 3-6. We will be going on Saturday, driving to the Ohio Expo Center and parking. Once parked, I will check out the power lifters at the Rhodes Center, and Burke will take the free shuttle to the Greater Columbus Convention Center to see the vendors and everything there!

Saturday, March 12 is Anthony-Thomas Chocolates Easter Open House. This is a very popular and fun day to take a tour and browse through their very large candy shop!

Captain Kidd will perform April 8th at Skully's Music-Diner! Free admission with donations going to Music Loves Ohio!

C!SN is always happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd!